October Obsessions

Lime // I'm truly obsessed with this color. I think it would be fun to wear it in fall/winter instead of seeing it as a color that's meant to be worn in summertime.


  Hi peonies!

Sadly, my 3-month adventure in Amsterdam has come to an end... but only temporarily. I'm spending the summer in Belgium and in September I will probably move to Amsterdam for real! Again, I had a a blast; meeting wonderful people and learning so much thanks to everyone at thisMemento where I did my internship.

In June, I went to London for my internship and couldn't leave without making a stop at Topshop, where I bought this amazing sunflower orange midi skirt. I paired it with a leaf dress top and purple lipstick, also from Topshop. The shoes are River Island. I love walking the streets in this outfit because I feel so grown up and chic, like a true Milanese fashionista. That weird?

Oh and I cut my hair! I got bored of my curly long hair and wanted something fresh. Okay, I also wanted to look like Betty Blue ;) What do you think of it?

- xo, Charlotte

Thanks to Remco Sijtzema for taking my pictures 

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Trending: Kimonos 着物

Kimono River Island/earrings vintage/shoes+pants+top Zara

Hi !

Today, I'd like to present you: Charlotte's new obsession. I'm so done with pineapples since they're becoming a trend lately. Haha just kidding. But still, I'm a bit pissed off that pineapples are appearing everywhere.

So, something I've been really into lately...kimonos! I've only got two so far but I'm scanning my favorite online shops in order to find some true gems. Asos has got a nice selection! When I went shopping with my sister a while ago, my attention was drawn to this piece. I love the color combo and the oriental print.

Stylewise, I think it's about finding a balance. Try not to look like you've just got out of bed, so be sure to mix different textures. Don't wear an outfit that only consists of silk clothing, you're not Rihanna. Also, don't go in overdrive by trying out the oriental look (geisha alert!).

I think a fedora would be cool to pair with a kimono, plus some flatforms maybe! Definitely something to try out. *wishlisted fedora*

So, what's your opinion on kimonos? - xo Charlotte

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Amsterdam's best weekend spot | Pllek

Are you visiting Amsterdam on a sunny weekend, but looking to discover something else than the city centre? Want to venture off the beaten path? Did you go out last night and are you looking for a place to chill that is not Vondelpark?

Escape by taking the ferry to Amsterdam-Noord. In this up-and-coming neighbourhood there are plenty of nice spots where you can relax in the sun without the fuss of the crowded city. One of those places is restaurant/café Pllek. You can get there by taking the ferry to "NDSM" behind central station. I often go to Pllek, mostly on Sundays (you might have seen it on Instagram). It's the perfect spot to have a beer and a good, fresh meal, take a yoga class and/or enjoy the magnificent view over the water.

In my posts about the city, I'll be focusing more on Amsterdam-Noord since I recently moved here. Noord is quite the bustling neighbourhood. Still people don't like it here because it's "not the real Amsterdam" or "so far away, omg it's at the other side of the water!". I'd love to open up people's eyes because a lot of people (even locals) don't know this neighborhood exists. A shame, because there's a lot to explore!

Bisous, Charlotte

TT Neveritaweg 59
1033 WB Amsterdam

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