style chameleon

I hate making choices. I saw this amazing Bambam-bodysuit on Asos... well actually I saw two. It happens to be the case that there are two bodysuits with matching shape and texture, but with a different print. The first has an imperial print, the second has a lion on it. I don't even know whether I want to buy a bodysuit - I'm having trouble with 'staying true to my style'. I have the feeling that I have different styles which is confusing me lately. One day I'll be dressed as a true parisienne - think Jeanne Damas, the other day you'll see me wearing ripped shorts with a loose tshirt and ChloĆ© boots - or lookalikes. I don't know which style fits me the most. Maybe I'm just a style chameleon, like Madonna. I'm okay with that.

So this time, I'm the ripped-shorts-kind-of girl. I already told you about my love for the Wildfox-bodysuit, but unfortunately I haven't found a store selling it in Belgium.. And Wildfox doesn't ship to Belgium either, so I ended up finding these two at Asos. My only question is: which one should I buy? You tell me!